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This is the sourceforge home site for gsvn project. Gsvn is a front end for the Subversion system. This software tries to simplify usual operations over a subversion system through a graphical user interface.

Gsvn is in alpha phase, but a version will be released second trimester of the current year (June 2006).

Gsvn is developed using latest technologies on software developing. Gsvn is developed using:

Help Wanted

Wanted collaboration for the localization of the application. 

If someone would like to collaborate could translate the strings in the file 'localization.po' and post them in the mail list gsvn-translation. Now, the work is in the translation to Spanish and Catalan.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

This software has been developed by Antonio Gutiérrez Mayoral, Gregorio Robles Martínez and Miguel Martín Mateo.


Please note that gsvn is alpha software and there isn't any stable version at the moment.

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